Things to do at Mardi Gras in Omaha

Mardi Gras falls on Tuesday, February 21 this year, and the good news is that invitations to the party aren’t just being sent out in New Orleans. Just take a look at how Millard South alumnus Adam DeWine should reign as Bacchus LIV in the 2023 Krewe of Bacchus parade; everyone is welcome and Omaha was born ready to party.

And just as Bourbon Street lights up, you can expect citywide festivities in Benson, Old Market, and Blackstone to be just as exciting in their own way. Grab your beads, masks, and whatever other Fat Tuesday loot you’ve got: here are eight things to do at Mardi Gras in Omaha.

Midtown Crossing will hold a meeting from late evening to early evening on the Saturday before Mardi Gras. Found on Facebook event page

Mardi Gras Midtown

In celebration of Mardi Gras — a French phrase meaning “Fat Tuesday” — there’s a riotous and down-to-earth celebration at the Midtown Junction in Turner Park.

Mardis Gras Midtown is open to anyone in the Midtown area and will include bars, restaurants and vendors in the Midtown Crossing area. Among them are Stories Coffee, Smokin’ Oak, Ray’s Wings, Proof Whiskey and Pa Mas Taqueria.

The organizer will soon release a menu and event map for the entire area, but there are sure to be plenty of great New Orleans-style dishes and cocktails for you to sample when you stop for a neighborhood party. After all, Midtown has some of the best places in town.

If you live in the area or want to make a trip to Midtown, attending this Mardi Gras party is a no-brainer. Just don’t forget to vote for the best cocktail by the end of the evening!

Throwback is more like a dance club than an arcade, yet it has a retro feel to it. Found on Facebook event page

Party on Bourbon Street at the Throwback Lounge

Throwback Arcade Lounge, known for its dance floor and retro vibe, will host the Mardi Gras Bourbon Street Bash on February 18th. The event will feature a contest for the best mask and hourly giveaways of epic proportions.

Consider getting dressed and not waiting until the day of the show to reserve your seat, because if you buy tickets in advance, you will automatically receive five lottery tickets. Otherwise, you will receive one lottery ticket at the entrance.

Throwback specialty drinks include frozen hurricanes and $5 daiquiris, which the establishment recommends for sipping, as well as Fat Tuesday bombs. If you want to splurge and guarantee a VIP Mardi Gras adventure (with big screen and retro Nintendo), you can reserve your spot online. The bar also offers bottled drinks.

DJ Shif-D will provide groovy music.

Pancakes are the food of a thinking person. Found on Facebook event page

Pancakes and trivia at St. Andrew’s Methodist Church

  • St. Andrew Methodist Church: 15050 W Maple Rd |(402) 431-8560
  • February 19 | 11:15
  • Free, donations welcome

Fans of pancakes, quizzes and a variety of dishes are in for a special treat: on February 19, pancakes and quizzes will be held at St. Andrew’s Methodist Church. The Sunday event will double as a fundraiser for the church’s upcoming mission trip to Milwaukee.

The late morning event quiz will feature teams of 8-10 people each who will be able to test their abilities in a relaxed environment. Depending on your level of competitive spirit, you can build your team ahead of time to get the best strategic advantage, or go with the flow and let the organizers build your team on the spot.

St. Andrews opens the event to the public and participation is free, but donations are welcome. Book your seat and donate to the fundraiser here.

If you love beer and bar food, Beer Corner has everything you need, especially for Mardi Gras. Found on Facebook event page

Mardi Gras at Beer Corner USA

Beer Corner USA hosts an epic Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday party starting early in the evening. The building is anchored by Crescent Moon, German Bier Hall Huber Haus, Max & Joe’s and Beertopia, and is one of Omaha’s pillars for craft beer, pub food and good times.

Ale House Grill will be open from 11:00 to 23:00. So if you want raw Cajun food, you’re in luck. Huber Haus will open at 17:00, two hours before the main event (and when the balcony opens!).

The establishment will be giving away free beads hourly until midnight and will also offer a variety of specialty food and drink offerings. Pint Night a la Abita brewing starts at 4:00 pm, and other adult Mardi Gras drinks on the menu include rum hurricanes and Southern voodoo cocktails.

The Prairie Gators Cajun Band will perform from 8:30 pm to 11:30 pm.

The contest is another great example of how Max continues to entertain. Found on Facebook event page

Mardi Gras theatrical performance at The Max

  • Maximum: 1417 Jackson Street | (402) 346-4110
  • February 21 | Meals start at 18:00, performance at 8:00.
  • cover $5

Max, which opened in 1985, has a long tradition of being one of the best nightclubs, not to mention one of the few dedicated LGBT+ places in the city. And part of the club’s heritage includes hosting an annual Mardi Gras celebration unlike any other in the city.

This is good news for the fans. This year, Max will be hosting a Mardi Gras pageant for anyone who wants to celebrate their favorite raucous holiday in a 12,000-square-foot indoor, premier LGBT-focused dance venue. Drink or dance on a whim, and if you feel you’re up for it, enter the title contest.

The organizers will serve food at 18:00, a delicious Cajun buffet according to the event; you can come hungry. The Mardi Gras competition starts at 8 sharp.

Originally opened in the Florence area, the South Mouth moved to its current location in the city center in 2022. Found on the Facebook page.

Mardi Gras at the mouth of the South

  • Estuary South (Old Market): 1111, 1109 Harney St | (402) 502-4545
  • February 21 | Music starts at noon
  • No coverage fee

The Mouth of the South, which opened in 2014, will host a Mardi Gras Gala Party on the famous Fat Tuesday. This year’s event will feature plenty of delicious New Orleans food (including royal cakes and fresh beignets) and grown-up drinks to get you in the holiday spirit.

Hometown Heroes Hector Anchondo Band, winner of the 2020 International Blues Competition, will perform original tunes at the event. Known for the singer’s high-pitched voice and the band’s visceral instrumentation, the band is great for any event, but their music is doubly perfect for Bourbon Street blues.

Although there is no entrance fee, the organizers noted that the number of seats is limited. Music will be played from 12:00 to 15:00 and from 17:00 to 20:00.

Include karaoke in your Mardi Gras celebration! Found on Facebook event page

Mardi Gras at Touch of Class Lounge

  • Touch of Class Hall: 11220 Fort St | (402) 493-9800
  • February 21 | 18:00 start

Karaoke fans will be delighted to know Touch of Class Lounge is hosting a Mardi Gras party on February 21st, a special gathering in true Bourbon Street style. Because any big party needs competition and music, the event will end with a prize for the best mask and live karaoke starting at 21:00.

Touch of Class opened in 1978 and has served cocktails in the Omaha area for 45 years. The venue is still going strong these days, as evidenced by the anticipation surrounding the upcoming Fat Tuesday celebrations.

For the Mardi Gras party starting at 6:00 pm, this unassuming cocktail bar will also serve delicious food for a limited time, so get there on time if you want a bite to eat.

Found on Facebook page

Taste of New Orleans

  • Taste of New Orleans: 6023 Maple St |(531) 721-5685

If you don’t want to plan on attending a particular Mardi Gras event, or if you tend to keep the celebration going throughout the month, you should check out Taste of New Orleans. The restaurant specializes in Cajun cuisine and fans agree that this place is unsettling.

A Taste of New Orleans is in the same building as Ted & Wally’s Ultra Premium Ice Cream in Benson. Whoever made this decision is responsible for the ingenious combination that allows guests to mix and match delicious dishes. Have you ever tried Andouille Dutch chocolate ice cream with french fries?

The New Orleans themed diner first opened on July 13, 2013 as a food truck, and officially opened its location on July 3, 2020. A Taste of New Orleans also offers online orders with local delivery.

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