‘They’re everywhere!’: Omaha drivers swear on potholes

OMAHA, Neb. (Nebraska) — Ron Coleman is just one of many drivers in Omaha trying to get around the city when they run into a big problem. potholes.

Coleman said they are everywhere this season and that his biggest problem is their size.

“Some of these potholes are the size of a small Volkswagen,” Coleman said. “They’re hard to miss.”

Coleman drives a Volkswagen and has had to change all four tires this season.

“You’re driving down the street and the next thing you know is just bam,” he said.

He said that in many cases they can take up entire lanes, making them hard to dodge.

Drivers are encouraged to report potholes to the city via the website.

Coleman said he would like the city to stay on top of the potholes, but until then he is learning to cope.

“I guess I’ll just keep driving safely, trying to avoid potholes and push myself,” he said.


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