These are the rarest dog breeds in the world. Why are they so special?

There are some breeds of dogs that are rather uncommon. Some of them are only found in very certain climates, making them very uncommon in the rest of the globe.

Some are employed just for the performance of a particular task, such as the search for truffles or the management of livestock. The following five dog species are among the rarest in the world:

The Norwegian Lundehund

A peculiar and extraordinary people group. They have six toes on each foot, and they can bend their heads almost all the way back so that they may touch the small of their backs with their snouts. Due to the Lundehund’s ability to climb gorges, they were initially used in Norway for the purpose of catching certain birds that lived on the northern shores.

Despite the fact that they were in danger of extinction during the Second World War, Norwegian breeders were able to keep this species going. Because of its high level of activity, this is an excellent choice for a pet for more active families, especially those who enjoy going on regular, extended walks.

Lago Romagnolo

The Lagotto Romagnolo is the world’s oldest water hunting breed, despite the fact that it is sometimes mistaken with the poodle. Due to its waterproof wool-like fur, acute sense of smell, and muscular frame, it has been employed for generations by hunters in Italy to recover shot ducks from the lake after the ducks have been shot.

However, the most common function for them in modern times is to search for truffles, and as far as anybody knows, this breed is the only one in the world that is kept specifically for this reason.

Azawakh (African Cape)

This particular breed of dog is easily identifiable by its svelte and muscular build as well as its proud bearing. This breed is recognized for its calm demeanor and strong attachment to its family. Although it is wary of new people and often resists being petted, the dog adores the people it shares its home with even though it is suspicious of others.

Because he was born and raised in the desert, he looks forward to the long, hot days of summer. Every day, he has to spend at least a half an hour jogging or playing energetic activities. During the winter, they require garments for the same reason, since they are unable to withstand the cold without them.

Otterhound (otter dog – “Otter”)

This breed was developed for the purpose of hunting otters, as the name indicates, yet it still makes a very loving, playful, and devoted pet.

His hair is pointed, his nose is lengthy, and his ears are long and relaxed. His muzzle is also long and shaggy. They are currently very close to being extinct as a species. Their muscular mass is above 50 kilos, and despite their hairy paws, they are not considered to be neat and tidy dogs. This is due to the fact that a great deal of dirt is left on their paws.


This Hungarian breed was mostly utilized for rearing cattle and sheep, and there are currently less than one thousand of them in existence around the globe. They are quite uncommon outside of Hungary and the countries that border it.

Mudi are incredibly lively canines. They are intelligent and have a long lifetime, but their owners should be prepared to put in a lot of effort and use caution while walking them around other dogs since they do not get along with them very well.

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