These are five “dangerous dates” in October according to astrologers


Astrology reveals the most dangerous days in October 2022 that you should be particularly careful about.

The monthly horoscope for October brings many different events to the zodiac signs. Three zodiac signs will be very lucky when it comes to finances and love, but there are dates we should all be aware of. They bring numerous changes, challenges and temptations.

The days that follow from October 22 can awaken the dark side in many of us. According to astrologers, they apply to very unfavorable and turbulent days, which many zodiac signs will confirm. Here are the dates that are considered the most dangerous:


This is the first unfavorable day of this month, as you may experience sudden mood swings. On October 22, be careful not to cause conflicts, not to enter into conflicts and not to react rashly. The smallest argument can turn into a conflict that would cost you a lot. Pay attention to communication with family members, even if you are one hundred percent right.


The energy of Venus on October 23 will awaken doubt and fears in many. You yourself will feel that this day will be rather strange, and you will be especially bothered by the laziness that will overwhelm you. It is better to try to do nothing than to pass your duties and tasks on to someone else. This way you can cause a lot of problems.


This day will be marked by love problems. They will make you come to terms with a situation that you do not like at all, and the advice of astrologers is not to reveal your plans and ambitions to anyone on October 25. Many of us can feel inner turmoil and thus make wrong decisions. Be patient and wait for it to pass.


This day requires you to pay the most attention to travel and traffic. Astrologers say that it is best not to go anywhere, rest at home and not start anything new. Try not to spend a lot on October 29, because unplanned and sudden expenses are very possible.


If you are focused on business success, pay attention to October 30. Do not make hasty decisions, hasty conclusions and do not sign any contracts. It is possible that this day you will not be ready for compromises or you will lose motivation and will to work. Try to remain polite to the people you work with.


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