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There are more than 100 dogs available for adoption; Nebraska Humane Society (NHS) is seeking help from the local community

OMAHA, Nebraska — The Nebraska Humane Society (NHS), which now has well over one hundred canines ready for adoption, is pleading for some assistance because of this situation.

They are looking for foster dog parents who are willing to take in dogs in a pinch and provide them a place to stay temporarily.

This frees up more room in the shelter to assist other animals, and it helps dogs to flourish in an atmosphere that is less stressful overall.

A foster coordinator is someone who assists with the process as a whole and makes sure that the placement is a suitable one.

The NHS always has the hope that fostering experiences will lead to adoptions, but they will always take the animals back if they are returned.

Pam Wiese, vice president of PR and marketing at NHS, stated that “Emergency fosters can be anybody who is interested in taking a dog for a couple weeks, giving them a little’straycation,’ if you will, out of the shelter. Gives us more elbow room here at the shelter for those dogs who are coming up. It also helps the dogs by getting them out of this environment and getting them into a home,”

Foster animals are eligible for free veterinary care and supplies from the Humane Society of the United States.

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