The world’s largest technology fair CES will still be held, but it will be shorter

In the world of technology, CES is one of the largest and most important trade fairs. At the beginning of the year, the cream of the IT industry usually gathers in Las Vegas and sets new trends in consumer electronics, but also reveals future IT stars.

However, the coronavirus pandemic last year prevented the fair from taking place, so CES moved to a virtual edition, and this year, despite the efforts of the organizers to hold the fair in its usual form, it will still have a hybrid form.

Namely, during the past two weeks, one by one, large companies such as Intel, AMD, Google and Microsoft canceled their physical presence. The coronavirus pandemic, especially the spread of the omicron variant, has forced those companies to sacrifice performance to protect employee health.

The cancellation of large companies also affected the cancellation of visitors to Las Vegas. The organizers of the fair, CTA, do not give up on holding the fair live, although under strict epidemiological conditions. Visitors and companies will have to show evidence that they have been vaccinated, but also be tested on KOVID-19 less than 24 hours before entering the conference premises. Masks are mandatory during the fair, and international visitors will receive a free PCR test after the fair to return safely to their home countries.

However, the CTA found that they reduced the fair to three days and took additional, stricter measures to ensure the safety of all visitors and participants. Thus, the fair will be held live and will start on January 5, but instead of 8, it will last until January 7. Over 2,200 exhibitors will perform live, with additional virtual presentations and online events.


(photo: CES)

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