The war is not over yet, and people are already thinking about who should play Zelenski in a movie

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, overnight received the support of social networks and became one of the favorite politicians in the world. His fans go so far as to think about which actor he could play if a film about the war in Ukraine is being made. Most fans on Twitter say that the ideal choice would be Jeremy Renner, best known as Hockey from the Marvel movies and the Avengers series.

“Is it obvious to everyone that Jeremy Renner is the only logical choice that Zelenski can play in biographical films?” “The screenwriters are almost certainly preparing a film like this,” wrote a Twitter user who shared pictures of the president and actor.

Except they look alike, they are about the same height, with deep set eyes, short brown hair and an almost identical jaw line.

However, the fun on Twitter soon stopped because people started writing that Ukraine was in the middle of a real war.

“Ukrainians are losing their lives and destroying their homes and businesses, and we really have people tweeting ‘Jeremy Renner should play Zelensky in a movie about this,'” the comments said.

“It’s the most pathetic and tasteless thing you can imagine right now. This is not fun. “People are dying, they have been displaced from their homes.”

After this, the comparisons on Twitter subsided. But as a reminder, Zelenski himself was an actor before he became president. The public retells all his roles, his participation in Dancing with the Stars, as well as the synchronization of popular cartoons.

He played the piano with his penis, so he lent his voice to the teddy bear Paddington: Volodomir Zelenski before he became president

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