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The video shows how shoplifters attacked a worker at a New York restaurant Foodtown

A disturbing new video shows a Foodtown worker being beaten this week while trying to stop a pair of shoplifters in the Bronx.

The 36-year-old employee was attacked around 1 p.m. Tuesday at an Allerton Avenue supermarket off Paulding Avenue in Allerton during a “verbal argument with a customer,” police said.

frames, received News 12shows one man knocking a worker to the ground near the exit of a supermarket and then brutally punching him while he lies.

According to authorities, the victim received blows to the face and forehead.

The attacker left the store along with another person who was standing at the door, follows from the video.

Store manager Louis Porcelli told News 12 that the altercation began when a worker was confronted by a man and woman who left with unpaid food hidden in a bag.

The couple exchanged words with a staff member who tried to stop them as they walked towards the door.

The worker, who refused medical attention, returned to work at the supermarket on Thursday but was too upset to talk about what had happened.

Porcelli told the network that shoplifting had become a bigger problem over the past year and called for a stronger police presence.

He said he had never seen exactly such an incident.

The video shows how shoplifters attacked a worker at a New York restaurant Foodtown
According to police, the victim was punched in the face and forehead.

“Not to that extent,” Porcelli said. “I mean, we caught people, we ran after them, we got the goods, but you know, this is not a brutal attack.

“I hope people think twice before doing [something like this],” he added. “If you’re hungry, ask, and maybe we’ll give you a steak or something. But don’t go and steal.

The attack comes about a week after a defenseless Bronx grocery store cashier was repeatedly beaten by a deranged woman and her adult daughters in a shocking attack caught on video.

One person is shown repeatedly beating a worker who is lying on the ground.
The victim returned to work on Thursday but was too shocked to talk about the incident.

Lisbel Rodriguez Luna, 25, was left bruised and battered — and feared for her life — during the Feb. 26 afternoon attack on Food Universe at Fordham Estate, which stemmed from a row over cashing in recyclable bottles a week earlier. .

“No one has ever attacked me like this,” Luna told The Post a day later, adding that she was afraid to return to work because the attackers were still at large and could return.

But “I have to go back,” she said. “I need to work. I need money. I need my job. I don’t know what else I can do.”

One person is shown repeatedly beating a worker who is lying on the ground.
The incident came just a week after the attack on another grocery store worker in the Bronx.

New York State Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz (D-Bronx) told WABC that he is sponsoring a bill to target shoplifters who are repeat offenders.

“I’ll call them regulars, if you like, professionals, people who do this a lot,” Dinowitz said. “Therefore, if you are convicted a second time within two years, you face a more serious punishment than just petty theft.”

According to him, the second conviction will automatically become theft on an especially large scale of the fourth degree – a criminal offense.

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