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The video shows a seriously injured man thrown from an SUV during a car theft in New York

Shocking security footage captured the chilling moment as a 28-year-old man was thrown off the roof of his stolen SUV in Queens, leaving him beaten and immobile on the sidewalk.

Tori Thompson is hanging frantically from the roof of her stolen Lexus on Monday night when a speeding car loses control, hits a fire hydrant and rolls over in South Richmond Hill, throwing it into the air.

The second video shows Thompson landing on the sidewalk near Lefferts Boulevard and Liberty Avenue around 10:45 p.m. and lying motionless as bystanders run towards the wrecked SUV.

Three of the hijackers get out of the car and run away, with two of them, both 15-year-old boys, arrested on Tuesday, police said.

“You have to understand how fast this car was approaching,” said a local homeowner, who asked not to be named. “Like 80 miles an hour! You could hear tires screeching all over the block, and then my whole house shook as he hit the hydrant, “Boom!”

“It hit so hard that a fire hydrant broke through my fence into my yard,” she said Wednesday. “I went out and saw that he was lying there, and there was blood on the ground.

The video shows a seriously injured man thrown from an SUV during a car theft in New York
Tory Thompson, 28, was thrown off the roof of his stolen Lexus SUV in Queens on Monday evening, leaving him in critical condition.

“The guy flew 60 feet. He landed there, bounced three times and slid face down like a baseball,” she recalls.

Thompson suffered multiple skull fractures and was in critical condition at a Jamaica hospital on Wednesday, police said.

Police said he was standing near the Lexus, which he left on when three thieves jumped into it. He grabbed the roof rack as the hijackers sped away.

One of the suspects remained at large on Wednesday, police said.

The hijackers flee after crashing Tory Thompson's SUV in Queens.
Video footage shows three thieves who allegedly tried to steal Tory Thompson’s SUV climb out of the rubble to escape.

Balram Muneshwar, 60, said he installed the surveillance cameras that captured the accident near his home on Lefferts Boulevard because car accidents were becoming too frequent.

“It was really bad,” he said of the incident on Monday evening. “The hydrant flew over my fence and ended up in the yard. If there hadn’t been a hydrant there, the car would probably have ended up in my living room. Seriously!”

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