The US military now has the most advanced and powerful laser ever made, it has a power of 300 kW

Lockheed Martin, a business based in the United States, has provided the United States military with a laser that has a power of 300 kW, making it the most powerful laser ever created.

In order to increase the industrial foundation of directed energy and improve the quality of laser beams, the development of the laser was carried out as part of a project led by the Pentagon.

In August of this year, Lockheed Martin deployed a high-energy class laser with integrated optical blinding and surveillance. This laser, which is known as HELIOS, was the first system of tactical laser weapons to be incorporated into ships.

Lockheed Martin is currently working to reduce the size and weight of the laser weapon in order to make it suitable for deployment on land, sea, and possibly even airborne platforms. The 300 kW laser is currently ready for integration.

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