The University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s new crime scene house allows students to get hands on experience through staged crime scenes

Lincoln, Nebraska – The new crime scene house at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln allows students to gain practical experience through recreated crime scenes. According to the department, they are the only forensic science program in the Midwest with a similar campus and curriculum.

Professor Barksdale stated, “You won’t find a more comprehensive, in-depth, science-based program with as much hands-on learning anywhere else in the Plains States.” “We transfer classroom knowledge to the field.”

Prior to the house, students in the crime scene investigation course evaluated scenes in a classroom, but the new site permits staging of more dynamic and expansive crime scenes.

Kaitlyn Wiersma, a student in the class, said, “I could read this material in a textbook, but I would not understand nearly as much as I do after completing it and understanding how it works in the real world.”

Professor Barksdale dug a shallow grave near the crime scene lab months ago. He buried objects for pupils to discover, including white powder, clothing, and plastic bones. Students then utilize equipment and procedures comparable to those they would employ in the field following graduation.

Michael Adamowicz, director of the Department of Forensic Science, explained that the goal is to immerse students in an environment that closely resembles an actual crime scene.

The students will examine eight crime scenes this semester. They will examine gunshot holes, unearth plastic bones, locate bloody fingerprints, and assess the scene’s components. Students will continue to work at the crime scene house until October, at which point they will move to the lab to analyze the evidence they have collected. Next semester, many of the students will take the culminating course, which will require them to return to the house to investigate more murder scenes.

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