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The suspected driver, accused of intentionally crashing into a man and killing him in Dallas, has been arrested

DALLAS, TX. – A convicted felon who was on probation for another felony infraction is now charged with murder and incarcerated.

According to Dallas police, Gabriel Lule, 26, engaged in an argument with a 66-year-old man before intentionally running him over and murdering him.

The family of the victim cannot comprehend why Lule would stoop to murder.

On Monday, a cross and flowers will mark a site on Jefferson Boulevard that Brandy Allen will never forget. Only twenty-four hours ago, it was a crime scene.

“I thought, ‘That’s my hubby!'” Let me get to him. I must approach him,'” she recalled.

Dallas police knocked on Allen’s house Sunday evening to inform her that her 66-year-old husband, Antonio Jojola, had been slain.

According to investigators, Lule purposefully struck Jojola with his vehicle and then fled the scene. He passed away at the site.

“I didn’t believe it. “I couldn’t believe it,” Allen remarked.

Detectives tell FOX 4 that the two were acquainted and had previously fought.

It is unknown what caused the confrontation on Sunday.

Allen states that her husband was acquainted with a member of the Lule family, but she had no understanding why Lule reportedly allowed his anger to extend to murder.

“There is no cause to take his life in this world. Not at all, she responded.

Overnight, Lule was apprehended in Hutchins. On Monday morning, the 26-year-old was detained on a murder charge.

“All I want is for him to look at my grandchild and see what he deprived him of. “He has removed his grandfather,” Allen stated.

Jojola spent the day before he was murdered with his 10-month-old grandson Ezra. These are memories that his family now cherishes.

Allen remarked, “It would be unjust for someone to take that away from Ezra.”

Lule is familiar with the county jail in Dallas. His lengthy criminal record in Dallas County includes drug charges, violence, and illegal gun possession. He was on probation at the time he allegedly committed the murder, according to authorities.

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