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The suspect who shot and killed Mesquite police officer last December was found guilty by the jury in literally minutes

MEQUITE, Texas – A man was convicted guilty of capital murder by a jury in Dallas in connection with the shooting death of a police officer from Mesquite.

On Wednesday, a jury decided that Jaime Jaramillo was responsible for the death of Officer Richard Houston.

During the month of December, Officer Houston was responding to a complaint about a disturbance outside of a grocery shop when he was shot three times.

According to the prosecutors, Officer Houston was never given the opportunity to defend himself.

During a disagreement with his wife over an alleged love affair, police say Jaramillo shot both Houston and himself before turning the gun on himself.

According to the prosecution, Jaramillo emerged from a vehicle armed shortly after Officer Houston activated the body camera on his patrol car.

“Richard becomes aware of it, and he immediately begins to back away. Before Richard even has a chance to remove his revolver from its holster, the defendant fires four shots from his gun “the prosecutor, Jason Hermus, was quoted as saying.

The 911 call that Jaramillo’s daughter made from the scene was also played for the jury to hear. During the conversation, she stated that her father was the one who shot everyone.

The jury deliberated for barely a few minutes before reaching their decision to find the defendant guilty.

Jaramillo will never be eligible for release from prison because of the sentence he received for his crime.

Shortly after the decision was handed down by the jury, the Mesquite Police Department issued a statement in which they said, in part, “We believe that the family of Officer Richard Houston, as well as everyone else who was affected by this tragedy, can finally find closure as a result of this verdict, which has brought justice to their doorstep. The legacy of Officer Houston will endure at the department, and his life as well as his service will continue to be celebrated in perpetuity.”

Following the announcement of the verdict, the District Attorney for Dallas County, John Creuzot, issued a statement.

Officer Houston is survived by his wife and three kids when he passes away.

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