The student who followed Musk’s plane is now following the planes of Putin and the Russian oligarchs

Jack Sweeney is a 19-year-old freshman who became world famous after following the movement of billionaire Elon Musk’s private jet. Sweeney is now in the spotlight as he begins to track down the private planes of Russian oligarchs.

Sweeney has launched a new Twitter account that tracks the movement of several private jets of Russian billionaires with the help of bots. He revealed that he opened the account after receiving several requests to follow Russian billionaires after the military invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

Sweeney found the private jets owned by wealthy Russians and set up a bot to track them, and then opened a Twitter account to post data on the jets’ movements.

He also opened a special profile for the planes of high-ranking officials in Russia and the planes that are supposed to be used by Vladimir Putin.

– The planes that these Russians have are absolutely crazy. “They are huge compared to others,” said the student.

Sweeney only shares information about the location of the planes, but has no information about who is on them.

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