The state of Nebraska to help people who want to exclude themselves from casinos as new places are set to open in Lincoln and Omaha

LINCOLN, Nebraska — While many Nebraskans are preparing to visit the soon-to-open casinos in Lincoln, Omaha, and elsewhere, for some, the presence of casinos in their neighborhood is undesirable.

The state is attempting to assist these individuals by allowing them to exclude themselves from casinos.

A form that people can fill out to intentionally exclude themselves from Nebraska-licensed casinos seems like an unusual concept.

The self-exclusion scheme, however, is precisely what the state announced this week.

Tom Sage, executive director of the Racing and Gaming Commission, stated, “Therefore, this is a way for us to assist folks who believe they have problems.”

He claims the method assists problem gamblers in assisting themselves.

Mike Sciandra is already enrolled in the Iowa program and seeks a lifelong ban from Nebraska casinos. The former addict now provides assistance to those with gambling addiction.

The education and outreach coordinator at Choices Treatment Center, Sciandra, stated, “They were aware that this temptation would be present due to the new casinos.” “Because you cannot walk away from the gambling, you must live amid it.”

The document can be filled out by anyone, but a signature from a counselor, gaming commission official, or casino representative is required.

The form is pretty extensive and even demands a photo in passport format. This photo is required for a legitimate reason: all casinos in Nebraska will have the forms in a database, and if you’re in the program and detected, you won’t be able to keep your winnings and may even be arrested for trespassing.

“There are consequently grave ramifications for the majority of people,” stated Sciandra.

On Friday, the Racing and Gaming Commission will decide on whether to allow the establishment of the Warhorse Casino in Lincoln. This program could come in useful as a result.

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