The state of Nebraska supporting small businesses: craft breweries can soon start selling directly to retailers

Omaha, Nebraska – Starting soon, Nebraska craft breweries will be allowed to sell directly to the retailers as per a new bill that past the first out of three rounds on Monday.

The supporters of the bill LB-1236 believe that with this bill, local small businesses will be directly supported and encouraged to continue their businesses.

According to the bill, the craft breweries will be allowed to sell up to 250 barrels per year directly to the retailers. Per the current legislature, craft breweries are mandated to use distributors which then provides shipments to stores.

One barrel yields roughly 330 12-ounce cans, which means the bill would allow more than 82,000 cans to be sold directly to resellers.

The data shows that there are 68 craft breweries in Nebraska, but with this bill, the number might be increased as businessmen will be encouraged to start a business. 34 of the current Nebraska craft breweries produce less than 250 barrels per year.

The bill was amended to include parts of two other bills, LB-899 and LB-900. Bill LB-899 would allow a nonprofit organization to apply for a license to sell beer at six calendar events throughout the year; while LB-900 allows micro-distilleries to have up to five locations/tasting rooms under one license.

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