The simple life philosophy of The Rock that is responsible for everything it has achieved

Dwayne Johnson, known as The Rock, attributes his success to the amazing work ethic he learned from his father. As a wrestler before each match he prayed for strength to leave everything in the ring.

Such commitment and hard work begins with a firm attitude. Johnson recently shared a simple trick that transforms any situation into a positive experience. He replaces the phrase “I have to” with “I have a chance”.

This type of reshaping is used by people who practice positive psychology, so Johnson probably did not come up with it himself. But it’s great that he can use his huge platform to share it with people who may not be familiar with it.

On his Instagram account, he addressed his followers: “I will share with you a philosophy that has helped me achieve some success over the years. When it comes to hard work and things I’m passionate about – a few years ago I stopped saying ‘I have to’ and started saying ‘I have a chance’, Johnson began and continued:

“It’s a big psychological change in the way you approach the everyday things we need to do. I have the opportunity to train hard and push myself beyond the limits. I have the opportunity to lose and come back stronger. “I have the opportunity to be the most persistent worker in my room,” he said.

“Because when you have the opportunity to do the things you love, it is a privilege. “Try to transform ‘must’ into ‘I have the opportunity’ and start feeling that power, gratitude and growth.”

Johnson’s philosophy does not only work for people who need motivation to succeed in the gym. It can be used for any life challenges you normally do reluctantly and without self-confidence, to give yourself a chance to grow and prosper. Focusing on the negative aspects of the challenge prevents us from seeing the opportunities or simply enjoying the moment.

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