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The protected bike lane on Harney in Omaha is a pilot program that is reaching its end date, what the mayor will decide next?

OMAHA, Nebraska — The protected bike lane on Harney is a pilot program that is nearing its conclusion. About Tuesday, the City Council deliberated on the future of protected bike lanes.

Tuesday’s approved vote transfers to the Mayor’s office and the Public Works Department the task formerly assigned to the Streetcar Authority to discover a method for a protected bike land to coexist with a potential streetcar.

Members of the City Council have expressed hope that a bike lane will be constructed somewhere, however this may necessitate its relocation off Harney Street. However, advocates of protected bike lanes believe Harney Street is the only route.

“The amendment reiterates to the public that bikes are important, that the bike path is crucial in the urban core and throughout the city, and that we want to see the continuous growth of bike trails in Omaha,” said Omaha City Council District 5 member Don Rowe.

“Since we have roadways that are state highways, I honestly don’t see any other viable alternative to Harney. There are streets that do not cross above the interstate. We have roadways with insufficient room “The executive director of Bike Walk Nebraska, Julie Harris, stated.

As streetcar plans continue to grow, the vote also requests the mayor and the public works department to examine an expansion of the bike lane pilot program.

It is crucial to emphasize, however, that this vote does not guarantee a permanent bike lane in Omaha; rather, it continues a discussion that has been underway for years.

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