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The Polk County Sheriff left after a reporter suggested he was good at playing gangsters and told the room about the reality of the situation

Sheriff Grady Judd of Polk County, Florida, has trained reporters who think coddling violent thugs is a way to curb crime, saying they need to “wake up” from their delusional stupor.

Judd made the statement at a press conference Thursday while discussing first-degree murder charges against 19-year-old gang member La’Darion Chandler, who allegedly shot and killed 33-year-old rival mobster John McGee in December and then bragged about it in rap video WTSP-TV Petersburg reported.

“Look, it’s a bunch of bullshit, that soft and sweet feeling of ‘we’re going to hug a thug, and if we give them, you know, one more popsicles and ice cream and a day in the park, they’re going to be good,'” the sheriff said.

“You all need to wake up!” These dudes are taking you all for fools. These are hardcore gangsters, thugs. They will eat your ice cream on Saturday and shoot their rivals on Saturday night while smiling at you.”

Judd said gangsters hardened in the streets because there is no effective education at home.

The sheriff said children usually learn values ​​from their mothers and fathers. When that’s not enough, he said, they turn to gangs to fill the parenting gap, and that’s when they plunge into a downward spiral of crime and self-destruction.

“At the end of the day, it all starts with raising kids at home when they are little and keeping them away from that lifestyle,” he explained.

Judd said there are limits to what laws can do to contain crime and noted that Chandler was still on probation when he allegedly shot McGee.

Such a person does not pay attention [to the law] because they want to be cool. They want to be rappers. They want to be a strong player in their community,” the sheriff said.

Should more efforts be made to eradicate gangs?

Accordingly, Judd said that early intervention is critical to prevent young people at risk from living a life of crime.

“So I’m telling everyone that you have little dudes and dudes in 4, 5 and 6. Don’t let them watch this crap because it seems cool,” he said. “Is not cool”.

Judd criticized “community benefactors” in places like the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice who oppose jailing violent youths because of their age.

The sheriff said what these so-called benefactors don’t understand is that not holding violent youth accountable for their actions simply encourages more gangster behavior.

“You have this wave of people… I call them benefactors, because they really want good, their heart is in the right place, and they just think that if we hug them tight, then everything will be better, and all this will go away,” he said. He.

Judd said that Chandler is a prime example of how the system failed to stop brazen crimesaying that the young man bragged about killing his rival in a rap video he posted online.

ATTENTION! The following video contains profanity that some viewers may find offensive.

“This kid got a complete understanding of the system. … If this guy is not imprisoned, then he is shooting someone,” the sheriff said.

Although Chandler is 19 years old, he was 18 when he allegedly shot McGee to death.

Judd reiterated the importance of raising children to deter juvenile delinquencysaying that when you “don’t raise your child, the street will raise your child, but it will be cruel.”

The sheriff is right. Liberal prosecutors in Democratic-run cities such as ChicagoSeattle and New York stimulated more robberies, assaults, rapes, and murders with their lenient crime policies and childish treatment of repeat offenders.

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