The plane returned to the airport after a flight of 800 km, a passenger did not want to put on a mask

The plane that flew from Miami to London had to return to the runway after a flight of more than 800 kilometers, because a passenger refused to comply with the rule of wearing a protective mask, the Guardian reported.

Police described how the 40-year-old woman repeatedly refused to put on a mask, forcing the pilot to turn the plane around and return to the runway in Miami for the woman to be arrested.

According to the airline employees, such things happen every day, and it often happens that passengers start threatening one of the passengers or the crew of the plane after warnings.

Statistics show that such things happen on an average of about 16 flights a day.

“I go to work in fear of anything that might happen during the flight. You can never know what might happen, who you will encounter and how angry you will be. “Lately, we come across such passengers more often, it is not very simple,” one of the flight attendants told the Guardian.

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