The only grocery store in Malvern, Iowa, was completely destroyed last year, but rebuilding the store project is progressing


MALVERN, Iowa. — In December, a fire sparked by a storm destroyed Mulholland Grocery, the only grocery store in Malvern, Iowa. Tom Mulholland, the company’s proprietor, reports that they had made considerable progress over the course of several months.

Mulholland stated, “I had hoped it would come sooner, but there have been so many delays and it will take at least another year because we need to get through the winter before we can even get started, but things are occurring and plans are being made.”

The site now includes a banner displaying the proposed design and a notice that it will reopen in 2023. The flag was hung to inspire hope in the neighborhood.

Mulholland stated, “Tomorrow is the homecoming parade, so the banker had the notion to put this up and paid for it.” “It’s to hide the eyesore, but also to give people hope for the future. Significant in so many aspects for the community”

Mulholland is seizing the opportunity to offer imaginative new items to the grocery shop, which was previously impossible.

“We intend to make the structure as attractive as possible. On the side of the lot, across the alley, and onto the street, a drive-through restaurant and a coffee shop are possibilities “Mulholland said. “Because there were so many things I couldn’t change about my 150-year-old building, we’re considering new ideas and things we didn’t have before, but now we can make it the way we want, with the space we need and the different possibilities.”

Since the grocery shop was forced to close, residents have expressed that they have missed a vital component of the community.

Malvern resident Barb Farmer stated, “Being without a grocery shop has been quite difficult, and we all miss it dearly and are eager to have it reopen.”

Although residents are enthusiastic, no one is more enthusiastic than Mulholland.

He remarked, “I’ve been an emotional wreck since this whole thing began, and I have no idea how I’ll feel when that actually occurs.”

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