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The number of Covid-19 cases in Douglas County is on the rise again, at-home tests not included in the latest data, report

OMAHA, Nebraska – Between Thursday evening and Monday night, the Douglas County Health Department recorded 819 new COVID cases in the neighborhood.

These incidents have been particularly reported from testing locations, doctor’s offices, and hospitals. But Douglas County Health informed us that at-home test results could not be included in their reports.

Omaha Medicine According to Dr. James Lawler, it is and has been a worry.

We’ve been worried for a long that the majority of instances aren’t being represented by our case counts, according to Lawler.

The results of at-home tests cannot be verified, according to the Douglas County Health Department, thus they cannot be included in reports.

According to Lawler, “the true case count, the true burden on the community is substantially higher than what the figure implies, and we are likely seeing case rates akin to what we have seen in prior huge epidemic waves, even today.”

And he added that while the county report still provides a general idea of the prevalence in the community, what we are currently observing is a high positive rate.

Nearly 20 percent of the PCR tests that are administered return positive results, which is a quite high rate, according to Lawler.

If you are using government-provided at-home exams, you could notice that they are about to expire.

According to the manufacturer’s website, tests with the dates “used by” or “before” September 29, 2022 are still valid beyond that date for an additional three months.

Using the lot number found on the back of the box, you can check your new expiration date on the iHealth website.

Additionally, there are still a number of locations where you can get a free COVID test, and you can pick up free at-home tests at the county health department and public libraries.

Hospitalizations are also on the rise, according to Lawler, who urges everyone to get vaccinated and, if appropriate, get boosted.

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