The new space telescope has photographed Mars for the first time

The “James Webb” telescope of the American agency NASA, whose photos of deep space excite scientists and the general public, recorded Mars for the very first time. Mars is the planet that is located in close proximity to the Earth.

The newly published data originates from the infrared instruments of the telescope and supplies researchers with information on the surface of Mars as well as the make-up of its atmosphere. The first picture of Mars was taken by the Webb spacecraft on September 5 using a camera and spectrograph in the near-infrared spectrum, according to an announcement made by the European Space Agency on Monday.

According to Gizmodo, the first image of Mars to be published on the web is actually a composite of two separate photographs that were obtained at different infrared wavelengths. This image was captured by Webb from a distance of nearly 1.5 kilometers distant from the Lagrange 2 point, and it depicts the sunlit eastern hemisphere of Mars.

The first picture is a view of Mars with pixels measuring 2.1 microns, and the second picture was shot at 4.3 microns. These two wavelengths correspond to a part of the near-infrared spectrum that is not visible to the human eye.

Webb was also responsible for the collection of spectroscopic data on the atmosphere of Mars. The molecules of the solar system, which include carbon dioxide, water, and carbon monoxide, have been discovered. These molecules are what make up the planet’s thin atmosphere. According to Gizmodo, even though nothing new was found, this indicates the telescope’s capacity to precisely characterize the makeup of the atmospheres of distant worlds.

The internet has so far provided amazing images of Jupiter, the Tarantula Nebula and more.

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