The Nebraska Commissioner of Education has worked on several projects, but now is leaving the position

LINCOLN, Nebraska – Early next year, the commissioner of education for Nebraska will resign.

On January 3, 2023, Matthew Blomstedt will step down as commissioner of education for Nebraska.

Since January 2, 2014, Blomstedt has served as the Commissioner of Education.

According to the Nebraska Office of Public Information and Communication, Blomstedt has collaborated with the Department of Education on multiple occasions.

In 2016, Blomstedt supervised the State Board’s strategic strategy, which reformed the agency. In addition, he led the construction of the state accountability system, AQuESTT, and assisted the state in meeting the Every Student Succeeds Act’s new federal criteria.

Commissioner Blomstedt stated, “During my nearly nine years of service to the State of Nebraska, I am proud of numerous accomplishments, but I am most proud of having worked alongside so many devoted board members, employees, and partners.”

Patricia Koch-Johns, president of the State Board of Education, stated that Commissioner Blomstedt was an advocate for all kids and families as well as a strong leader of the Department of Education. “During his administration, our state became a national leader in education, and he inspired us to fight for the benefit of all Nebraskans. We wish him the best and appreciate his service.”

The newly-elected Board of Education will choose a new commissioner.

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