The most important products of “Tesla” in 2022 will not be cars, Elon Musk says

San Francisco, California – Tesla’s most important products this year and next will not be cars, but autonomous software and a humanoid robot that the company expects to make easier for people at the plant, said Elon Musk, chief executive of the American electric vehicle maker. .

“I would be shocked if we did not achieve fully autonomous driving this year, which is safer than human driving,” Musk said, adding that fully autonomous driving would become “Tesla’s most important source of profitability.”

That’s unimaginable financially, says Musk, citing as an example that robotic taxis (robotics) would increase vehicle utilization by a factor of five, as owners could send their cars to taxi when they do not need them.

The bold promises of the most famous billionaire in the electric car industry are facing great challenges, from technology to regulation, the British agency estimates, noting that Tesla and other companies in the field of automotive technologies have failed to achieve their goals with autonomous driving software.

Musk also said his engineers were working on launching a humanoid robot next year, called Optimus, that could eventually solve the global labor shortage, while in the first phase it could transport goods through the factory.

“I think (the robot) has the potential to become more important over time than the vehicle business,” Musk said.

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