The metro area’s largest industrial park is one of many developments coming to the Gretna area

GRETNA, Nebraska — The largest industrial park in the metropolitan area is one of the numerous new developments coming to the Gretna area.

The newest construction lacks a lease holder set. Due to tremendous demand, the developers are sure that it will be filled soon.

It culminates in a recently announced small lake and dam project, a huge community park with sports fields and a water park, and a new high school.

“Many visitors visit Gretna because of our… sense of community,” remarked the mayor of Gretna, Mike Evans. Once upon a time, we had to travel to Omaha for everything, including restaurants and groceries.

Now, though, he provides only a few everyday examples of the city’s growth: He stated that Hy-Vee is constructing one of the largest stores in the region, while Hillcrest is constructing a senior living community.

Evans stated, “We are beginning to be regarded as a place where businesses want to go.”

Evans states that efforts are being made to ensure that the expansion reflects the community’s close-knit character.

Evans stated, “We’ll start revealing more and more (plans).” “However, we are growing our community in accordance with our desires as opposed to the desires of developers.”

Evans stated that this does not imply rejecting developments.

“We just explain how we envision our neighborhood and what we consider to be an excellent use,” he said.

Evans stated, “You only have one chance to accomplish this correctly, because in five to ten years, most of this will be produced.”

Gretna’s land and population nearly double as a result of annexation.

Gretna nearly doubled in size at the conclusion of a lawsuit with Sarpy County over annexation last year, primarily by absorbing territory to the east.

The city’s population and land area roughly doubled, according to city officials. Evans stated that the population, which is now approximately 9,500, was approximately 5,000 before the annexation.

Prior to this, Gretna had annexed another 3,000 acres.

The annexation significantly expanded Gretna’s property tax base. Valuations have increased, although the annexation is primarily responsible for a 151 percent increase in total valuation.

After a judgement by the Nebraska Supreme Court in 2021, Gretna’s land area will more than double.

Park at Gretna Crossing

A $53 million park is supported by a half-cent increase in the sales tax that voters approved in 2020.

Formerly a 150-acre farm, Gretna Crossing Park will feature a water park, sports fields, dog park, disc golf course, strolling spaces, and an amphitheater.

2021: Gretna prepares for $53 million park

Small lake and dam

A 65-acre park with a 15-acre lake, dam, and more than a mile of pathways is in the works west of 204th and Schram Road. The Papio-Missouri River Natural Resource District and FEMA provide funding for the project.

Evans stated, “Not only may this be great for flood control, but it will also add another lake to the area.”

Gretna East Secondary School

In 2023, Gretna will open a second high school. Construction is in full swing.

This year, Gretna Public Schools had little over 6,000 students. There are approximately 1,500 more pupils than there were five years ago.

Gretna’s superintendent told 3 News Now in February that the district will be comparable in size to Millard Public Schools within the next 30 to 40 years.

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