The man who won 12 million euros in the lottery regretted that he won the money

Money cannot purchase happiness, but it may make life easier, and for many, that is plenty. But one individual regretted his lottery prize.

Mark Lipsham, a 53-year-old truck driver from Auckland, New Zealand, was fortunate in 2017 when his lottery ticket numbers showed on the screen.

Mark dreamed about the numbers a few weeks before he won and chose to wager on them. The day after winning NZ$19 million (about €12 million), he left work oblivious of the impending trouble.

“I learned that the hard way, and it led to issues with myself because I wasn’t functioning as well as I once did,” he added.

Mark described how he grew “depressed, anxious, and dissatisfied” as a result of the expectations of those around him.

Despite winning a substantial quantity of money, he continued to live in his modest home and refrained from making large, impulsive purchases out of concern over how to handle such a large sum.

Mark became a father in the meanwhile, and two years after he won the money, his neighbor brought him to a purported expert who taught him how to manage his health, relationships, legal problems, and finances for a substantial fee.

Mark therefore felt confident enough to decide to purchase the home and provided a big quantity of money to the “professional” to purchase the property on his behalf.

Mark and his girls left on a trip, and when he returned, the expert claimed a shopping break and refused to talk with him. Then he severed all relations with the expert and discovered that 1.7 million euros had been deducted from his bank account.

Mark engaged in a legal struggle to recoup the ill-gotten gains, but ultimately settled out of court.

“In the end, the winnings were of no use to me.

” I was defrauded and lost a substantial amount of money,” he told the New Zealand Herald.

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