The local community holds blood drive to honor Glenwood boy who died from rare blood disease

Nikki Hill, a mother from Glenwood, implores everyone to donate blood. Her son Abe fought a rare blood condition till his death in late April.

He required platelet and blood transfusions to survive over his seven years. To honor his legacy, the community is participating in a Red Cross blood drive at Glenwood High School.

Abe Kuhnert-Hill was best characterized by the phrases amusing, loving, and kind.

“Everyone he met, he fell instantly in love with. Everyone who met him fell in love with him “his mom Nikki remarked. “He always had a smile on his face, regardless of what he was through.”

In his brief seven years, he overcome numerous obstacles. In September of last year, he got a bone marrow transplant after being diagnosed with a rare blood disease and battling several viruses and infections. His death occurred in April. Nikki is adjusting to a new normal without him. She saw herself as Abe’s advocate.

“He has received 52 platelet transfusions and 28 red blood transfusions in his seven years of life. Throughout that period, he required all of this blood to maintain his health and vitality “Nikki said.

Donations of blood also added three weeks to Abe’s lifespan.

This is the reason Brandi Sobbing gave blood during Abe’s blood drive. She is doing her best to ensure the survival of others.

“Both of my parents had cancer and need transfusions, so I understand there is a great need for it,” added the sobbing man.

Every two seconds, according to the American Red Cross, someone needs blood, and a pint saves three lives, so every donation matters.

Accept Hurricane Ian. Tim Goddard, an American Red Cross Account Manager, reports that more than 130 blood drives were canceled and over 2,700 pints of blood were not collected as a result of the storm.

“Right now, all of that blood is being transferred to the victims of Hurricane Ian, and they are assisting the Florida towns in filling in the gaps,” Goddard added.

Blood donation not only saved Abe’s life, but also acts as Nikki’s purpose: she is a mother carrying out a mission begun by her son.

Nikki stated, “Every day is truly in memory of Abe, as he is the reason many of us do what we do.”

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