The legendary Mick Jagger turned 79 and has a wife 44 years younger: The conditions of their relationship shocked the world

Yesterday, the famous Mick Jagger celebrated his 79th birthday! The renowned Englishman is resisting the effects of age; he performs often and seems to be keeping up with his much younger contemporaries in the love department.

Specifically, the age gap between Jagger and his fiancĂ©e Melanie Hemrick has long interested the public. Next year, Mick, who is already a great-grandfather, will enter his ninth decade, whilst Melanie, who is 35 and substantially younger than the majority of her partner’s children, will enter her third.

Since 2014, the couple has been dating, and the conditions of their relationship are startling many. Specifically, Mick Jagger’s buddies disclosed to the press that Mick and Melanie are in an open relationship, allowing them to date other people.

Mick Jagger exploits his “right” unreservedly, which is why he was in a relationship with the young producer Noor Alfala, who freely introduced her to the public and was his constant performance companion. In 2017, he ultimately left Noor to spend more time with Melanie and their children. Moreover, after speculations that he would leave Melanie for the model Masha Rudenko, Mick purchased a seven-million-dollar mansion in New York for Melanie.

In addition, the media reports that Mick Jagger is obligated to pay Melanie $15,000 a month to care for their kid since she has retired. In addition, according to media sources, Mick has agreed to pay for his son’s schooling until he becomes 18 years old.

Mick Jagger has eight children between the ages of 50 and five, including daughter Karis (51) with Marsha Hunt, daughter Jade (50) from his marriage to Bianca Jagger, daughter Georgia (29) and Lizzie (37), as well as sons James (36) and Gabriel (23) from her marriage to Jerry Hall. Also present is Lucas (22), who had an affair with Luciana Morad. The last in line is his son with Melanie, Devaro. He has five grandkids as well.

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