The investigation about the fatal shooting in “Rust” filming continues, Alec Baldwin handed over his phone to the police

Actor Alec Baldwin has finally handed over his mobile phone to New York police, and the device will be examined for possible evidence in the investigation into the fatal shooting during the filming of “Rust”.

Baldwin shot shooter Halina Hutchins on October 21 while filming a movie.

Until now, he did not want to voluntarily hand over his iPhone, but in the end he did so by handing it over for the needs of the investigation. Videos, photos and messages, even deleted ones, will be analyzed.

New Mexico police have asked New York authorities for help in obtaining Baldwin’s cell phone as part of an investigation into the shooting of the film. After the set tragedy, Baldwin returned to his home in New York, and New Mexico authorities were helpless in trying to get his phone.

Baldwin’s lawyer said in a statement today that the actor had voluntarily handed over the device to authorities to end the investigation.

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