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The International Brotherhood of Boilermakers union rejected the deal with nation’s freight railroads

OMAHA, Nebraska – Yet another railroad union has voted against ratifying its agreement with the country’s freight railroads.

This significantly increases the likelihood that Congress will be asked to mediate the dispute and prevent a strike from occurring.

The International Brotherhood of Boilermakers union held a vote on Monday and decided to reject the contract, despite the fact that it includes raises of 24% and bonuses of $5,000.

In order to avoid a strike, each of the 12 rail unions must give their approval to their respective deals. But there will not be a strike any time soon because all of the unions have agreed to continue negotiating until a deadline at the beginning of the following month.

The worries that employees have regarding their quality of life pose a risk to the agreements. The issue of paid sick leave has not been resolved in the ongoing contract negotiations with the two unions that turned down their offers the previous month.

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