The importance of tire PSI during the winter driving season

NORTH PATTE, Neb. (Nebraska) — Mother nature reminded people on Tuesday that winter is far from over despite Monday’s warm weather.

With temperatures like this, officials said it was important for drivers to monitor their vehicles, especially their tyres, which can lose traction and grip when temperatures reach 45 degrees or lower.

“It’s good to keep them at the recommended PSI for traction, stopping ability and vehicle control,” said Eric Lowman mechanic and owner of Lowman’s Auto Repair. “It also helps with fuel mileage by keeping them at recommended pressures.”

Lowman also warned drivers to keep up with the spinning tires.

“In this type of weather, if the tread seems to sag or they’re starting to break down, I’d strongly suggest they get them checked out and possibly replaced,” said Lowman.

Most 2010 and newer vehicles have a sticker inside the driver’s door with the recommended tire PSI. Similar to the one seen below.

PSI tire sticker to indicate how much air is needed in your vehicle’s tyres. (Nebraska)

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