The Hollywood mermaid has finally appeared, and she is unrecognizable

Bridget Fonda (58) has been repeatedly named one of the most beautiful women in the world. The famous actress was recently seen in public after a long break and here is what she looks like now.

Actress Bridget Fonda, whose father is the legendary actor Peter Fonda and whose aunt is Jane Fonda, is being photographed on the streets of Los Angeles these days, and many are wondering what contributed to her huge change in physical appearance.

She was last photographed in 2009 when she attended the premiere of Tarantino’s film “Cursed”.
Recall, she starred in the films “Jackie Brown”, “The Godfather III”, “Point of no return”, and during the two millennia she devoted herself to her family and retired from acting.
She is married to Danny Elfman, with whom she has a son, Oliver, 17.

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