The Havana Syndrome: United States is investigating what happened to 200 ill people across several embassies 

Blinken said the entire federal government is working to clarify what is causing the disease, which has infected nearly 200 American diplomats, officials and members of their families abroad. “To this day we do not know what happened and we do not know exactly who is responsible,” Blinken said in an interview with MSNBC.

The Wall Street Journal reported today that officials at US diplomatic missions in Paris and Geneva, where the United States and Russia held security talks on Monday, fell ill.

Blinken said the United States had raised the issue of the disease with the Russians, but could not yet say who was responsible.

The mysterious disease causes symptoms such as migraine, nausea, memory loss and dizziness. It was first spotted with US diplomats in Havana in 2016.

Blinken said he met with State Department officials from around the world who described the illness and how it affected their lives. “I have no doubt that those people were directly and strongly affected,” he said.

“We are working hard in the whole government to clarify what happened, who is responsible. “And to take care of those affected and to protect all our people as much as we can,” he said.

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