The former Orangeburg County School District’s chief of staff, Dr. Erica Taylor, has been named the assistant superintendent

CHARLESTON, South Carolina – According to a news release, the person who formerly served as the head of staff for the County School District has taken on a new position with the Orangeburg County School District.

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According to a press release, Dr. Erica Taylor has been appointed to the position of assistant superintendent for communications, business, and communications for the district.

The veterans of education communications who have worked in the field for twenty years will be directing the district’s communications and technology program of work.

According to Dr. Shawn Foster, superintendent of Orangeburg County Schools, “Dr. Taylor’s extensive experiences cover the gamut of Communications,” including community partnerships, fundraising, grant writing, and public relations. “Dr. Taylor’s extensive experiences cover the gamut of Communications.” In addition, her work history in public schools is exemplary, and her leadership throughout the state in kindergarten through 12th grade and postsecondary education is unparalleled.

On October 4, she will officially begin her new responsibilities in this position.

Taylor has been employed with the Charleston County School District for close to ten years, with his most recent position being that of chief of staff for the district. However, Superintendent Don Kennedy made the decision in August to remove her from that position as part of a “restructuring exercise,” and she was fired as a result.

Late in the month before last, Taylor initiated legal action against the school system, claiming that her employment agreement did not contain a clause defining a restructuring as an acceptable way to terminate her employment.

This is a narrative that is still unfolding. Make sure to check back for any updates.

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