The first signs your body will show in case of magnesium deficiency, according to doctor

Magnesium is an important mineral that helps fight against everyday stress, is extremely important for muscles and the nervous system, and also affects concentration and sleep. It helps overcome insomnia and improve sleep. Magnesium also helps muscles relax more quickly. Many people’s sleep is disturbed by leg pain and cramps. The most common reason for this is the lack of magnesium, which is necessary for relaxation, muscle contraction and normal movement.

Magnesium, especially in stressful situations, has a beneficial effect on the body and the nervous system in general. The minimum daily dose of this mineral is about 300 mg. A high level of magnesium is not recommended, as it can be harmful to health.

Natural sources are green leafy vegetables, legumes, brown rice, whole grains, soy and sunflower seeds, nuts, dairy products, meat, fish, chocolate with a minimum of 70 percent cocoa, unprocessed sea salt. However, you should know that as much as 50-70 percent of this mineral is lost by heat processing, as well as by freezing food (up to 40 percent) and refining (up to 99 percent).

Magnesium deficiency is further caused by excessive consumption of alcohol and coffee and excessive intake of refined sugar. Long-term magnesium deficiency is manifested by muscle spasms, a feeling of stiffness and tingling.

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