The first case of fluoride in the world, simultaneously infected with Covid-19 and influenza

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The first case of “fluorone”, ie simultaneous infection of the coronavirus and influenza was reported in Israel.

According to Newsweek, the first case of “fluron” was reported in a woman in the Israeli city of Petah Tikvi.

Professor Arnon Wisnitzer, director of the gynecology department at the city hospital, told Israeli newspapers that the mother was positive for the coronavirus and flu as soon as she was admitted. To be sure, they repeated the test one more time.

Wizzinger added that the mother was not vaccinated against the coronavirus or the flu, but did not have particularly strong symptoms. She is feeling well and is expected to be released from hospital on Thursday.

This is the first documented case of coronavirus and influenza at the same time, but health experts believe there have been others that have not been documented.

The Israeli Ministry of Health is investigating the case and trying to determine if it could cause a more serious illness, Israeli media reported.

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