The file of the criminal proceedings against Polanski from 1977 for the sexual abuse of a minor is requested to be disclosed

The French-Polish director was arrested in 1977 after Samantha Gailey, then 13 years old, accused him of drugging and sexually abusing her. The files from Polanski’s 1977 criminal proceedings are currently being searched.

George Gascon, the district attorney of Los Angeles (California, United States), has requested in letter to the appeals court that the 1977 criminal charges against the Polish director Roman Polanski be disclosed.

Gascon reported the petition to the court and promised that it is being pursued, among other reasons, since Samantha Geimer, Polanski’s sexually assaulted victim, particularly asked it.

The district attorney stated, “After careful consideration of the victim’s desires, the unique and extraordinary circumstances of the case, and my commitment to transparency and accountability, my office has determined that releasing these records is in the best interest of justice.”

After a picture shoot in 1977, 43-year-old Polanski drugged and sexually assaulted 13-year-old Geimer, for which he was jailed.

Polanski pleaded guilty and served 42 days in jail before being freed on bond. Fearing he would have to return to prison to serve a far harsher sentence, he departed the United States in 1978.

The director said that he had negotiated an agreement with authorities to serve only 48 days in prison, but he fled the country because Judge Lawrence Rittenband planned to impose a heavier sentence.

The prospect that the United States may seek the director’s extradition has limited the renowned director’s freedom of travel across the world for years.

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