The famous actress took a 20-year break to devote herself to her children


The famous actress Julia Roberts is a mother of three children and knows well how difficult parenting can be. To devote herself to her children, she took a 20-year break from acting.

Roberts met her husband Daniel Moder on the set of a film they worked on together. The married couple does not hide that today they are as much in love as they were on the first day. Three children were born from their marriage.

It’s no secret that Julia is a rather strict mother.

“I try to keep the children away from social networks because I don’t understand how they would be useful for them,” he said on one occasion and added that he also limits the time the children watch TV.

“I’m proud to be at home with my family,” the actress replied when reporters asked if she missed acting.

As Fox News writes, Roberts is a strict mother, but she doesn’t lose her temper easily. He believes that it is important for children to know their limits.

“If they do something bad, I don’t punish them. I prefer to talk to them. I think my serious face says it all,” she explained.

He keeps the children out of the public eye, so the family moved from Los Angeles to San Francisco, where they can be more relaxed.

“The life I have built with my husband and our children is the best thing that has ever happened to me. The point is at the end of the day to come home and celebrate what you have achieved with them,” she said in an interview with CBS Sunday Morning.

Roberts leads a quiet, normal family life as if she is not one of the most famous Hollywood actresses at all. She enjoys household chores, helping children with schoolwork, teaching children that it is important for everyone to participate in household chores because, in her opinion, these are important life skills.


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