The EU is recommending changes to travel restrictions due to the pandemic

The Council of the European Union announced today that it has adopted a recommendation to amend the travel restrictions rules related to the Covid pandemic.

The council recommends that from 1 February the restrictions be based on the passenger and not on the place of arrival. It is envisaged that anyone with a valid certificate can cross the border without additional conditions.

It is recommended that the validity of the certificates for the vaccinated be 270 days, for the vaccinated – 180 days, and for the tested – up to 72 hours from sampling. Non-certified passengers may be required to be tested immediately prior to travel or up to 24 hours upon arrival. The Council of the EU proposes that the general rules do not apply to border workers, essential passengers and children under the age of 12.

It is envisaged that all these proposals will apply to travel from countries that do not belong to the so-called a dark red area where the spread of the disease is strong. Today, for the fourth time, the EU Council issued general recommendations on freedom of travel since the beginning of the pandemic.

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