The esports are becoming more and more popular nationwide, but so is the case in the Hastings College

HASTINGS, Nebraska – Hastings College esports are advancing in multiple ways.

Hastings College Esports coach Andy Chase noted, “We knew coming into last year that one room would not be sufficient for the long term.” There was the notion that “OK, we need to move into a larger room.”

And as a result of the national rise in popularity of esports, this growth is having a practical impact on Hastings.

Chase remarked, “It’s been incredible to witness the progress not only in this area, but the entire city.” It has been simply mind-boggling to receive such support on campus.

Hastings College welcomed esports as its 24th varsity sport, and the roster for the Broncos nearly increased from 21 to 40 players. Eight of them receive financial aid.

Maximilian Crosbie, captain of the Hastings College Valorant, stated, “I believe esports to be a wonderful thing for individuals.” “It’s a means of escape. It is a way to meet new individuals.”

With this expansion have come changes. The Broncos have added League of Legends to their five-game schedule, installed 12 new Lenovo Legion PC rigs, and relocated to a larger venue.

Zach Sodorff, captain of the Hastings College Rocket League team, remarked, “Having decent computers and a proper facility changes the game.” “It’s really enjoyable not to have to think about all these other issues.”

“Having the 22 open has made it so much easier for numerous teams to practice at the same time,” Chase added.

“Everyone is thrilled to be here and appreciates their time here,” Crosbie stated.

The Hastings College Valorant squad is undefeated and competes in the national esports collegiate conference, which has doubled its member institutions.

“You must concentrate,” Crosbie remarked. “It’s just like any other sport; you must do this, and we want to win.”

“Being able to see that growth and having us grow along with the NECC, as well as esports in general, has been incredible,” added Chase.

And they have no plans to slow down in the near future.

Crosbie stated, “Hastings has made a name for itself, and we intend to keep it that way.”

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