The difference of 17 years more and more visible: Amal at 44 looks like a girl, and George is starting to look like her father

George Clooney’s hair turned entirely gray.

George Clooney has traditionally dominated rankings of the most desirable folks in Hollywood. Even in his early days, his gray hair gave him a peculiar allure, and his admirers and coworkers adored him, especially since he stated for a long time that he had no intention of marrying and his heart appeared to be an impregnable fortress.

This changed when he met the love of his life, attorney Amal Alamuddin, 17 years his junior. Amal was taken to George’s home on Lake Como in Italy in 2013 by a mutual friend, where the impenetrable seducer immediately fell in love.

In October of the same year, they went on their first date, and in April of the following year, George proposed to the gorgeous attorney. The couple got married on Lake Como in September 2014 and produced twins, Alexander and Ella, who kept them out of the public glare.

George does not hide the fact that he is quite happy in love, but it is clear that age is catching up with him and that parenting in the 1950s has also worn him out.

The actor’s wife is 17 years younger than he is, and the age gap between them is becoming increasingly apparent.

Recently, the couple was seen on a romantic date, and while Amal appears younger than her 44 years, George has entered his seventh decade.

His once gray hair is now completely white, and he has stopped shaving his beard. In addition, although he was smiling and, based on the photographs, enjoying himself, his face reveals a difficult-to-conceal level of tiredness.

Although the pair used to rarely go out in public, photographs of their recent public appearances have increased in frequency, and they were recently spotted eating dinner with their family at a premium restaurant.

On that occasion, many were astonished by the presence of the actor’s older sister, Adelia, who had long been thought to be at odds with her renowned brother, but it now appears that the “axe” has been buried. Specifically, Ada frequently disclosed facts about the actor’s life to friends and journalists, which enraged him greatly.

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