The Czech Prime Minister warned that the Czechs are facing the most difficult year since the break-up of Czechoslovakia

Prague, 2 January 2022 (MIA) – New Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala warned the Czechs in last year’s New Year’s address that he was facing the most difficult year since the creation of an independent Czech Republic due to inflation and rising energy prices, accusing Russia of blackmailing Europe and the pandemic of Covid.-19.

“Some economists are skeptical and say we will not be able to curb inflation until we have control over energy prices. This is a topic that requires an international solution. On one side is Russia, which is trying to blackmail Europe and even declare that it is ready for an armed conflict. “On the other hand, there are important European countries that have decided to invest in independence from fossil fuels at almost any cost.”

The Czech Prime Minister said that the Czech Republic would have to look for allies in Europe, persuade partners and finally start building the Dukovani and Temelin nuclear power plant units again, as well as invest in reasonable renewable energy sources, because that is the way to go. come out of the energy crisis, while the alternative is backwardness and misery.

“I would like to seriously warn you that various political saviors and populists will try to abuse this situation and claim that the solution is simple. That it is enough to reject something or to get out of something. That’s not correct. “Complicated problems never have a simple solution,” Fiala said.

Such a solution, rejection and abandonment of the Green Agreement of the European Union as a salvation from the energy problems of the Czech Republic in the Christmas address to the nation demanded a few days ago the President of the Czech Republic Milos Zeman.

Former Prime Minister Andrej Babi и and the current Petr Fiala categorically rejected this, emphasizing that the European project is good and that the Czech Republic will be left without significant funds by leaving it, but some unrealistic proposals should be rejected, and also to convince the EU to has included nuclear power plants and green gas, to which the European Commission now agrees, albeit temporarily.

Addressing the Czech public broadcaster CT, Fiala warned that the Czechs must learn to live with the third major disaster this year, Covid-19, which has so far claimed the lives of more than 36,000 people in the country.

“I have a long-term view that we must learn to live with Covid-19. But that requires effort on both sides. Both from the side of the government and from the side of the citizens. “On behalf of the government, I can promise that we will strive for all possible measures to be as reasonable, exemplary and predictable as possible,” Fiala said.

He urged the Czechs to contribute to the fight against the pandemic, not only by vaccinating them but also by treating each other with more respect, as their own family, and not hesitating to do good for their family. loved ones at the expense of their comfort.

“Governments can ruin a lot of things quickly, and repairs take a lot longer. Postponing problems for the next election is always easier than biting a sour apple and starting to solve problems. “But our country has nothing left because our problems will increase every day,” said Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala in his New Year’s address to the nation.

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