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The Creighton Project Works to Improve Type 2 Diabetes

OMAHA, Nebraska (Nebraska) – One project led by Creighton University aims to cure type 2 diabetes. In just a year of operation, they have already achieved success in several measurable aspects.

“Now I have joy in life,” said Susan Blank, a participant in the program.

Blanc has type 2 diabetes. Her doctor referred her to the Creighton’s Cura Project to help manage her diabetes and problems resulting from the disease.

“I got my A1C down to 5.5 and they want it below 7. I no longer have to check my blood sugar 2-3 times a day. Now it is 2-3 times a week,” she said.

Project Cura offers financial guidance, free bi-weekly healthy meals, and health and wellness coaching.

“It taught me that you can make it delicious even if it’s healthy,” she said. “I found that you can use cauliflower and make Spanish rice out of it.”

Creighton University is conducting a pilot program aimed at improving the consequences of type II diabetes.

The program is free for participants. Since programming began last April, Blank now spends $200 less a month on drugs.

“If people save money on their drugs. If they stay away from nursing homes. It’s worth trying to figure out how to go from 300 people to 3,000 people to 300,000 people,” said Julie Kalkowski, program director at Creighton’s Financial Hope Collaborative.

Since diabetes is a costly disease, the financial component was the main one for Blanc.

“After this project, I pay my bills on time. I’m not afraid to answer the phone because it’s a collector,” she said.

The project is five years long, and each person spends about a year and a half learning the lessons they hope to carry forward into the future.

The program is designed for 300 people, and currently about 100 people participate in it. You can call 402-717-3618 to register.

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