The convertible version of the Chiron, named the W16 Mistral, is Bugatti’s last model with a 16-cylinder engine.

The Bugatti 16-cylinder engine is a true internal combustion engine masterpiece, and the French company still offers it.

It is installed in the model Chiron, which costs somewhat more than 3 million euros. The same engine will now be used in all W16 Mistral models.

The absence of the term Chiron in the name of the roadster is instantly apparent, as Mistral does not resemble Chiron at all.

This roadster is unique in many ways, including the fact that it marks the conclusion of Bugatti’s 16-cylinder engine period.

Director of Bugatti Mate Rimac was a Bugatti enthusiast even before he was nominated to this role. He emphasizes over and over that the management is determined to protect the Bugatti brand’s legacy.

Bugatti is justifiably proud of the W16 abbreviation, which refers to eight-liter, 16-cylinder engines.

That is technically accurate, with a maximum of 1,600 horsepower. This performance was initially presented with the Chiron Super Sport 300+.

For Bugatti, the fact that no other production convertible offers comparable performance is crucial.

In terms of its appearance, the most prominent aspect of the front of the Mistral is the visor-like shape formed by the windscreen and side windows.

The placement of the air vents laterally, behind the front row of seats, is another another design detail.

However, according to Mate Rimac, these air vents can suck in up to 70,000 liters of air per minute.

The carbon-based air vents can withstand the full vehicle’s weight in the case of a rollover.

Titanium, aluminum, and the finest leather are used to create a model that, according to Rimac, will look just as good a century from now.

This method of producing sports cars comes at a cost. Price is also affected by a product’s limited supply. Specifically, only 99 Mistrals will be manufactured, bringing an end to the period of the iconic eight-liter engine with 16 cylinders.

One copy costs a minimum of 5.95 million euros. This is the base pricing. With extra configuration, it can be significantly greater. However, this is not an issue for purchasers as the entire production has already been sold.

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