The classic Mini returns with electric drive and 120 hp

Owners of classic Mini cars now have the opportunity to modernize their four-wheeled pets and make them environmentally friendly by installing electric propulsion.

Classic Mini cars have been the subject of tuning projects in recent years, so far we have seen really impressive examples such as the Mini with Acura V6 engine of 500 hp and for those who are looking for a more environmentally friendly variant and want the “original package”, the BMW Group offers a solution.

It is a Mini Recharged program that invites owners of classic Mini cars to turn their pets into electric vehicles by installing modern electric propulsion. Prices are not yet known, but Mini claims that all changes are reversible and that internal combustion engines are marked in the warehouse so that they can be re-installed if the owner so wishes.

The Mini guarantees that the feeling of karting will not be lost with the installation of electric drive and it is realistic to expect a significant improvement in performance compared to the original classic Mini because the Mini Recharged comes with an electric motor that delivers 120 hp. The small hatchback accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in nine seconds, three to four seconds faster than standard.

So far there are no details about the capacity of the batteries, but it is expected that with one charge the electric Mini will be able to travel about 160 km.

The manufacturer is proud to say that the traditional original instruments will be retained and will display information on temperature, speed, range and speed.

One of the advantages of the conversion is that thanks to the electric drive, the classic Mini will be able to drive in the central parts of cities where conventionally powered cars are prohibited.

A dedicated team of experts will work on the development and installation of the electric drive in the classic Mini.

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