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The City of Omaha to name a street for Omaha fallen soldier in Iraq in 2007 killed just three days before coming home

Omaha, Nebraska – The City of Omaha decided to rename a street to fallen Omaha soldier who was killed just three days before she was set to return home.

According to multiple reports, Staff Sgt. Lillian Clamens was stationed in Iraq in 2007 in Baghdad’s Camp Victory.

“After we got the call that she wanted to come back to tell us, we received a knock at the door that she had passed away the day after,” said family member Sherman Wells. “So instead of her coming home, we got a folded-up flag.”

Wells added that Sgt. Clamens was killed when the base was attacked with rockets in October 2007.

“When we found out she covered another solider, it sounds like Lilly you know. They were in their barracks. Nobody had on armor. She seen it coming. But by the time she reacted, the shrapnel killed her,” said Wells.

She was among the thousands who lost their lives in Iraq fighting for our country. Wells wants the city and the residents of Omaha to know her and renaming a street to her will surely help a lot.

Sgt. Clamens was born and raised near 27th and Caldwell. He hopes by renaming the street in her honor, the city will never forget her sacrifice.

“We felt like it was only right that Omaha knew, one, we gave birth to a hero right and she needs to be honored and this is where she grew up. So we want to make sure her legacy is continued to be honored and noticed by the city of Omaha and the state of Nebraska,” said Wells.

The local residents who live in the area where Clamens was born are supporting the City of Omaha decision to rename a street to the fallen soldier. In addition to that, they local residents are learning about the soldier born and raised in the neighborhood who have her life for the country.

“I’m just happy to know that we live on a street that has like a value. It’s history basically,” said one resident.

“I want to make sure that Nebraska, for years and years to come down or pass 24th and Caldwell streets or up to 27th Street, you’ll remember Lillian and what she did and her story,” said Wells.

The City of Omaha confirmed that a special event for the renaming of the street will take place early March. According to them, the ceremony will start at 5 p.m. on March 10, at the corner of 27th and Caldwell streets.

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