The biggest mistakes we make when we have a cold


The season of colds has already gained momentum, and most of the time at the first signs of a cold we immediately go to the pharmacy to buy some medicine. But pharmacists have discovered what are the biggest mistakes we make when dealing with a cold.

In most cases, people do not go for an examination, but buy drugs on their own. It can sometimes be more harmful than helpful, warns pharmacist Abbas Kanani.

“Most people go to the pharmacy for medicine at the first appearance of a cold symptom, but this is a huge mistake because it has nothing to do with whether you start treatment immediately or after the symptoms become stronger. The results are the same, the cold just has to go away by itself,” explains Kanani.

Medicines do not cure the cold at all, they only relieve the symptoms you have. They do not affect the nature of the virus itself, which will progress regardless of whether you have taken them or not.

“Medications are only symptomatic relief,” says Kanani and adds that the classic cold lasts up to 10 days on average.

One of the most common mistakes is using old antibiotics. They cannot help treat a cold, and besides, the use of antibiotics used in previous treatment can be dangerous.

“Most colds are caused by viruses, not bacteria, so there is absolutely no need to use an antibiotic.” However, some people opt for an antibiotic left over from a previous treatment. It’s just a cold, a viral infection, it will pass quickly,” explains the pharmacist.

He warned that it is very important to get enough fluids.

“Hydration and proper nutrition are very important for your health, and they are especially important when you have a cold. If you become dehydrated it will put even more strain on the body because it will have to work harder when it is not hydrated. So, drink enough water and don’t skip meals because that will make you feel even worse,” advises Kanani.

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