The best work-from-home jobs – For some you do not need knowledge, but are among the most popular

Work from home has expanded significantly over the past 2 years due to the coronavirus pandemic, as many companies, especially during quarantine, have been forced to cut or suspend office work for some time.

As many have seen the benefits of this way of working – flexible working hours, more quality time spent with family, better work organization, etc., more and more people are choosing to work full time from home.

The good news is that companies have also seen the benefits of working remotely, so the job offer has never been more diverse.

We have shared with you some of the best things that can be done at home. Some do not require additional knowledge, while some require additional training.

In addition to graphic designers, who are engaged in designing and creating designs for various media – illustrations, brochures, logos, banners, etc. There is a growing demand for web designers involved in the preparation of web design plans and structures and the design of web pages. If you want to do this creative work, but do not have the necessary skills, there are numerous tutorials and trainings for this profession, with the help of which you can become qualified for work in a few months.

Technical support
Call center operators also do not have to work exclusively in offices, and if you are communicative, this job can be a good choice. The work itself does not have to require you to talk all day, but communication can also be done via email. Often you do not need any technical skills, and if you do, the companies themselves offer training and coaching for the employees.

Marketing Manager
Digital marketing has opened the door to many jobs that can be done from home – social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, Google Ads, about which you can gain knowledge through training and digital marketing courses. Additionally, if you have a gift for writing, you can write blog posts, PR texts, marketing campaign designs, etc.

Online foreign language teacher
These jobs are more common with us in previous years, and can be done as additional work, because you choose how many hours you want to keep. The most common jobs are English language courses, and for the job you need to know the language at level C1 or B2, or have a TEFL certificate.

Similar to the job of a foreign language teacher, this job also requires a good knowledge of the language, and in addition to English, German, Chinese, Turkish, etc. are required.

Software developer
The job of a programmer is a desire of many, because of all the benefits it offers, and the positions themselves are diverse: website development, mobile application development and various software, software testing, etc. If you have not graduated from technical college, there are programming schools, courses and intensive cameras where you can gain knowledge to start this well-paid career in 6-12 months.

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