The Beckhams renewed themselves on a luxury yacht

Victoria Beckham returns to the days of the Spice Girls in a little black mini dress as she joins her parents and husband David Beckham on his new милиони 5 million superyacht, which was named Seven by the number of his jersey in Miami.

The fashion designer (47) and the football ace (46) were joined by her parents Anthony and Jackie Adams on the 93.5-meter-long boat as they prepared to leave the place where it was anchored in Miami.

The famous hosts also seem to get along well while serving guests drinks on a silver platter before embarking on a mini-sunset cruise on a ship made in Italy.

It was reported last month that David was honored with a luxury boat he helped design after being inspired by cruises with Elton John and David Furnish, who often spend their summers at sea.

A source told The Sun that David had been touring some yachts this summer and decided to honor himself. He himself helped design the vessel.

“It’s not an oligarch-style megayacht, but it is quite good. “David got his inspiration after a vacation with Elton John and Furnish on their boat – and he loved life on water.”

“There will be room for children to dive, and the boat will be a great base for the entire Beckhams clan for magical vacations abroad.”

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